Road Safety: Scotland Accident Circumstances 2005-2012

Road traffic accidents that caused personal injury in Glasgow from 2005 onwards. Two new fields derived from “date” were added – “Month” and “Calendar Year”.

Accidents are only included if they involve a casualty and were reported to the police. Accident severity is rated by the most highly injured casualty. The data is collected according to the STATS19 specification. The data is held in three separate datasets: accidents; casualties; vehicles. The three datasets have a common accident index.

The Accidents dataset describes:

  • severity of the accident
  • the geographical location (by grid points, local authority area)
  • temporal aspects (time, day, date)
  • changeable conditions (lighting, weather), and
  • aspects of road structure (speed limit, junction type, hazards, amongst others)

It also includes the number of casualties and the number of vehicles involved in each accident.

Data extracted 2013-12-03 from

Data supplied by Department for Transport. Please note that this data may be different from Scottish Government as DfT have a cut-off date to close database unlike the Scottish Government.

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