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  • community


    Data related to assets, land and services based in neighbourhoods, including...

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  • culture-leisure-sport

    Culture, Leisure & Sport

    Data relating to services such as libraries, museums, sports facilities,...

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  • economy

    Economy and Finance

    Data related to jobs, the economy, and business base in Glasgow.

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  • education


    Data related to education, training and skills in Glasgow. Also includes data...

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  • environment


    This covers topics under property, planning, housing, environment, built...

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  • governance-and-democracy

    Governance and Democracy

    Data related to environmental issues, the physical and built environment....

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  • health

    Health and Social Care

    Datasets relating to health services and social care as well as the health...

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  • safety-and-justice

    Justice and Public Safety

    Data relating to crime, public safety, courts and legal services.

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  • demographics

    Population and Society

    Statistics relating to the size and make up of the population, as well as key...

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  • transport


    Data related to public and private transport infrastructue and services...

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