Building Information Modelling (BIM)

What is it?

BIM is a Process!

This process generates a lot of Data. Some of this data is necessary for the design/construction/handover/operational phase.

This process includes:

  • An agreement between the parties that they will use BIM. (BIM Protocol)
  • 3D models for each discipline/supplier.
  • A set of standards to work to (Document Naming, Version Control, etc.)
  • A programme to work to.
  • A project plan to follow (RIBA P.O.W. or similar)
  • An environment to share information. (Common Data Environment)
  • An agreed handover/soft landing strategy.

BIM Pilot Project #1 - Sighthill Community Campus


  • Mainstream Primary School : 14 Teaching Spaces
  • Assisted Learning : 8 Specialist Teaching Spaces
  • Nursery : 6 Nursery Classrooms

Community Wing

  • 4 Court Indoor Sports Hall
  • Drama Space
  • Shared Library