Welcome to the Data Launchpad.

welcome to data launchpad

Whether you are a business owner looking to better understand footfall in the city or an app developer looking for the raw materials to build something incredible - the Data Launchpad can help. Get a new understanding of how your city works as we add more datasets on a huge variety of subjects.

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OPEN Data. The gateway to exploring our city, helping you to understand and shape Glasgow in new and surprising ways.

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Discover Data, Rediscover Glasgow.

These six stories show how new insights can be mined from our datasets. In a fast-moving, globalised world, these insights are a powerful advantage for the citizens of Glasgow. Start learning how you can be part of the new data era.

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data revolution

Data is all around us and is continuously generated as we interact with the city. It powers our apps and decisions. Glasgow has joined the journey in making this public good available for everyone to use and benefit from.

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